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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your point of view as a pet photographer?
I create portraits that showcase your animals personality and character and that honor the relationship between the two of you. My intention is to offer you an enjoyable time exploring that relationship in a photo session tailored to you and your animal in a location of your choice. A portrait of your animal is an investment. I will do my best to make the experience fun and the portraits tender reminders of your relationship for many years to come.

How long have you been a professional photographer?
Since 1998.

What kind of pets do you photograph?
I’m available to photograph any animal as long as the pet guardian has a good rapport with the pet.

How many pets do you photograph in a session?
An additional fee is required for more than two animals in a session.

What does a Pet Portrait Creation session include?
It begins with an in-person meet-and-greet with your animal and a consultation with you to plan the photo session. Within two weeks after the planning meeting, we’ll schedule a photo session at an agreed upon location. Post-session, the images will be curated and edited. The final meeting will be at my studio where you’ll be able to review the images and discuss cropping options. At this time, you can place an order for the products that you want.

How should I prepare for the photo session?
Have your animal groomed a day or two before the scheduled session. Keep your pet on it’s regular schedule. Take the animal for a walk before I arrive. Have favorite toys and outfits available. Favorite treats should be on hand but not out.

Can I be in the portraits?
Yes. I always like to have at least a few images that include you with your animals.

What should I wear?
I like color in portraits. Wear a color that compliments your animal. Don’t wear a white or black shirt or wild prints.

Where does the photo session happen?
It should take place where the animal feels comfortable; at home, a favorite park, a garden. Photo sessions can also be scheduled at my studio. The choice of location is dependent upon the needs of the animal and the intention of the session.

Who’s responsible for the animal during the photo session?
Representatives of Cate Goedert Photography are not animal trainers. The pet guardian is responsible at all times for the animal and its safety.

Who owns the copyright to the images?
Cate Goedert Photography retains copyright on all images created. I depend on these images to promote my business and will use them responsibly in my own promotional materials. I will not sell them to any third-party enterprise without your written permission. You may not print or reproduce them in any form.

How long will the images be available?
Images are archived for a period of 6 months

What is your payment policy?
A deposit equal to one-half of the initial fee shall be paid when the session is booked. The remainder is due at the time the photography session occurs.

What is your cancellation policy?
Full refund is available if cancellation is two weeks before the scheduled photo session. After that, you forfeit your deposit unless you reschedule for a later date.