Happy Valentine’s Day

Milagro is a little spitz mix who loves to love. He found his new home soon after his picture was taken during our Friday photo sessions at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. It’s always fun when an animal enters into the spirit of the occasion. Milagro was playful… Read More

Cats Make Me Sneeze

I’ve never been able to be in the same room with a cat for very long until I started photographing at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. With assistants to handle the cats, I was able to sit back and photograph without sneezing and crying. I love catching a… Read More

happy new year

Happy New Year

It’s the start of a new year and there’s no better way for me to celebrate than spending time at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. This little long-haired chihuahua looking for a forever home is named Ottis and he was quite a handful. I find that with small… Read More

terrier in santa suit


This little boy in his Santa suit captured my heart at the Shelter. Timon is a terrier mix currently being fostered by a staff member at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. He has diabetes and requires two shots a day. He’s a brave little boy and I’m told… Read More

Happy Holidays

Welcome to my new blog. My intention in these posts is to share some stories and provide some tips on how to photograph pets. Several days a month, I go out to the Santa Fe Humane Society and Animal Shelter and photograph the animals that are up for… Read More